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Wednesday 11th January 2023

Parents with children due to start school in England in September 2023 need to go through their local authority to apply for places at their chosen primary schools.

Parents can express a preference for at least three schools in some areas and up to six schools in others. We recommend parents express a preference for as many schools as their local application allows.

Although this can be an anxious time for parents, last year 92.2% of families were offered their first-choice primary school and 98.1% received offers from one of their top three choices.

Parents can also feel reassured that the proportion of schools which are good or outstanding is higher than it was 10 years ago – 88% now compared to 68% in 2010.

To apply for a place for your child visit the school admissions section of your local authority’s website. Find your local authority by entering your postcode.

School places are allocated in line with published admissions criteria – all those who apply on time will be considered together and for oversubscribed schools, places will be offered to the children who most closely meet the oversubscription criteria.

Any applications which arrive late may be considered after those which were submitted by the deadline.

From: Department for Education Education Hub

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