Thursday 4th March 2021

Forces Children’s Trust has recently updated their objectives to offer more support to Armed Forces families and in addition, over the pandemic, have widened support to NHS and social care families. 

Established for 17 years, Forces Children’s Trust is the first British charity to specifically support children whose parent has died or sustained life-changing injuries whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces.

The FCT offers physical activity support to young people who have experienced bereavement. From participating in expeditions abroad, residential weeks away, the children gain valuable life-skills to help them cope and adjust to life without a parent. There are many other aspects that the charity can help with, for example, organising bereavement counselling, help with extra-curricular lessons plus many other situations. The children along with their parent feel part of a family unit within the FCT and they support one another.

In addition, other areas where the Charity can help families in need, include children whose serving parent is suffering with PTSD. Children whose parent suffers with PTSD receive the same opportunities, advice and are able to participate in all events and other aspects that the charity offers.

Children who are carers and those who may be dealing with domestic violence can also be helped dependent on their circumstances.

Denny Wise told us about some examples of what the charity has organised for some of the FCT youngsters over the past few years;

“We have held FCT Outward Bound weeks at centres in the Lake District and Wales. All the youngsters had an amazing adventure although it was challenging at times! There are theatre trips and other great events. In December we have our annual Christmas weekend the children always look forward to this highlight of the FCT calendar, previously we have visited the Snozone followed by a Christmas Party and this has been extremely popular.

Following on from the very successful adventure expedition to Nepal in 2017 an exciting trip to Lesotho South Africa took place in the Summer of 2019 for children over the age of fourteen. This involved a project helping local children as well as trekking and a visit to a game reserve.”

Denny expanded further on support they can offer

“We also have an education fund to help meet the cost of extra-curricular lessons for the children and currently we are assisting with mathematics and dyslexia tuition as well as music and sports lessons.”

Please contact Denny Wise at the Forces Children’s Trust to see if they are able to help your children, or children you support: 

Tel: 01737 361077
email: [email protected]
web page:  

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