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Tuesday 20th October 2020

The Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance are launching at their online conference (20th October) a new self-reflection tool for schools to consider their support for children of Serving families in the Armed Forces.

Underpinned by rigorous research and thoroughly tested in schools, the Thriving Lives Toolkit provides schools with a framework of seven principles through which to reflect on their practice and suite of resources developed in collaboration with a range of partners across the UK.

The toolkit will be launched at the online event (20th October), where the audience of policymakers, researchers, charities and school, college and university practitioners will hear from the researchers and from schools and other stakeholders involved in the pilot. There will also be a policy panel and an opportunity to learn more about the context for Service children’s lives and to hear from partnerships working directly with Service children.

You can access the Thriving Lives Toolkit on the SCiP Alliance website.

Image of Louise Briggs, Policy Advisor for Education and Childcare, RAF FF

The RAF FF’s Policy Advisor for Childcare and Education, Louise Briggs (pictured) was speaking at the event and said:

“These tools will help those professionals responsible for supporting our Service children enormously – please share with any professionals that you know in schools or other educational settings and help us spread the word.”

The event will also see the launch of an Online Targeting Tool, funded by six Uni Connect partnerships and ABF the Soldiers’ Charity. This tool provides policy makers and practitioners with a clear picture of the number and distribution of Service children by local authority, based on English Service Pupil Premium data.

Kath Lawrence, SCiP Alliance Head of Operations, said

“Children and young people in Armed Forces families have unique strengths and challenges. Discontinuity in learning, relationships and opportunities due to the complex and highly individual interplay of school transition and separation from parents can affect Service children’s achievement, progression and wellbeing. This toolkit will help teachers to reflect on their approach to supporting Service children and give them the tools to plan and deliver effective support. The SCiP Alliance’s network of Hubs will be organising a series of training conferences to further support schools in engaging with the Toolkit.”

General education support

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Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

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