Service Family Accommodation

Friday 22nd April 2022

From the DIO Accommodation Team.

The new Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) Accommodation contracts that replace the National Housing Prime (NHP) contract have been in service for three weeks. Please continue to check the SFA Gov.UK website, Pinnacle website and Families Federations and HIVE social media and web pages for information about the new contracts.

We are aware of an issue where appointments have not transferred between Pinnacle and VIVO systems. This is having an impact on some families in the South East and South West Regions, where it has led to some missed appointments as VIVO’s operatives were not seeing the appointments raised by Pinnacle coming through on their systems.

Investigations are underway to identify why this has happened when appointments were previously flowing between the systems. A permanent solution will be implemented as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a Business Continuity Plan has been implemented to provide alternative means of raising new appointments, and urgent efforts are being made to identify which existing appointments have not transferred so that appointments can be preserved wherever possible and families can be contacted if appointments have already been missed or need to be rearranged.

We do appreciate this has been frustrating for some families and thank you for your patience.

FDIS may take time to deliver results, but together with Pinnacle, VIVO and Amey we are working hard to transform housing services for our Armed Forces.

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