Thursday 5th July 2018

The first Aircraft Tour starts off in London starting tomorrow (6th July) and will include a range of aircraft covering the RAF’s history, from WW1, to WW2, to the Cold War, to the modern age.

London details:

Running from 06 — 09 July 2018

11:00 am — 06:00 pm

Horse Guards, Whitehall, Westminster

Join the RAF in London at Horse Guards for the RAF100 Aircraft Tour. Meet members of the Royal Air Force in an interactive STEM/Techno Zone and learn more about how the RAF is creating the next generation Air Force.

Entry is Free and accessible from Horse Guards Road (by St James’s Park).

In order to enable quick passage through security checks, visitors are strongly encouraged not to bring bags with them.

There will be a fast-track lane for pre-booked groups, VIPs and people with MOD ID cards (MOD civil servants, contractors and all Service personnel).

Dogs (other than assistance dogs) will not be allowed into the Tour exhibit.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The entire Aircraft Tour venue is a no smoking and no vaping area.

Aircraft on display:

  • Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c Biplane – The classic First World War bomber biplane
  • Supermarine Spitfire MkXVI – A variant of the iconic Battle of Britain fighter
  • Gloster Meteor F4 – The actual aircraft that captured the world air speed record of 616 mph in 1946
  • Harrier GR3 – The famous jump jet and veteran of the Falklands War
  • Tornado GR4 – The RAF’s longest-serving strike and reconnaissance fast jet
  • DC3 Dakota – The Berlin Airlift transporter
  • Chinook – The distinctive twin-rotor helicopter
  • Typhoon Full Scale Replica – The backbone of Britain’s air attack capabilities
  • Lightning Full Scale Replica – The newest of the RAF’s fast jets

Future tour dates:

You will be able to get up close to a selection of aircraft in the following cities:

There will also be an educational zone focussed on aviation and aerospace activities, designed to encourage interest and participation from young people.

With unique access to the preparations and logistics of moving the aircraft into place, the RAF100 website and Royal Air Force social media channels will showcase some of the behind-the-scenes activity so make sure you follow the RAF on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

RAF100 shopping online:

RAF100 merchandise is available to purchase through the various RAF Appeal charities.

Source: RAF100 website

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