The RAF Families Federation, in conjunction with the Naval Families Federation, and the Army Families Federation have been generously supported by the Forces in Mind Trust to conduct a two year study into families’ experiences of transitioning from the RAF into civilian life.

Louise Briggs is the RAF FF Transition Liaison Manager and can be contacted by email on or telephone her via the main office on 01780 781650.

Some of you completed our initial 'short survey' which has now finished. A big thank you to those who took the time to respond and provide your input. Your responses have been invaluable in informing our project so far. To keep ahead of future developments on our tranisition work, you can sign up to our free weekly eBULLETIN*.

The three Families Federations recently spoke to BFBS around this work: Listen online (Monday - Part 2, approx 13 minutes in).

Getting involved

The study will follow at least six RAF families through all or part of their transition process. If your spouse/partner is planning to leave the RAF in the next two years, and you would like to help us and be part of the study, please email Louise directly.  We would also love to hear from you if your spouse/partner’s exit is unplanned or they are an ‘early service leaver’.

If you would just like to share your issues and experiences you can do so via the ‘report an issue’ button on the home page (top right button). Please label your issue as ‘transition’.

As with all the information and data gathered by the RAF Families Federation any personal details will be strictly confidential and any information used in the study will be anonymised in line with our confidentiality policy.

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Leaving the RAF?

The RAF FF are looking for families to take part in a two year research project to better understand the transition process for families.

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