Departures guide

The guide has been developed to offer information, written specifically for families. It covers areas highlighted as needed by families and service personnel who participated in our research into families experiences of transitioning to civilian life ‘Lifting the Lid – families experiences and the support they need’.   We would like to thank all those that have supported the production of this booklet including Forces in Mind Trust who funded the original research, RAF Community Support, HIVE and Veterans’ Welfare Service.

Departures guide - a families guide to transition from the RAF.

Download the Families’ transition timeline (in the Departures guide pages 26, 27).

Louise Briggs, co-author of the ‘Lifting the Lid’ report says:

“ We really hope that families will use and benefit from this guide.  It’s not only for use at the end of a service career – it can be used throughout life as a serving family to help plan for transition and hopefully kick start planning and thought around the subject, helping families find relevant support and information.  We’d really welcome feedback on the guide and if we can make it more useful in future editions. Please email me, [email protected]

The guide has been published shortly after the launch of the holistic transition policy for defence –  JSP100.  Over the next year the implementation of the new policy will take place and families can keep informed on progress by keeping in touch with the RAF Families Federation through our website and social media.