Finding a job

Much of the research on transition suggests that in families where a spouse/partner works, transition progresses more smoothly. In our tri service project, spouses and partners of Service Leavers who worked found that they were able to provide advice and guidance on working in the civilian world as well as make changes to their own work to offer a fall back or buffer against any gap in earnings, easing stress and worry.

If you are thinking of looking for new work at any time or in preparation for transition there is lots to help you as a military spouse or partner. The Employment and Training section of our website offers lots of information on job hunting or starting your own business.

There are many sources of CV advice you can tap into if it’s all new to you or it’s been a while and you feel you need some help and advice. Here are a couple: – seven well established charities providing a wide range of employment services to the service community, including families.

The CTP have produced a CV writing Guide for anyone who is looking to update their CV.

If you can access your unit, many of them will run employment and resettlement fairs which may be worth attending. The Unit’s HIVE or Community Support staff will have details. Many HIVEs and Community Support sections have Facebook pages – search for them to make contact if you can’t get to the station.