Transition – what does it all mean?

Transition and Resettlement can all seem a bit confusing. As families receive no information directly it can be a bit difficult to know exactly what is happening and when, and how, a family might be able to help the service leaver. This section introduces some of the elements.

JSP534 issued by the MOD, governs the Transition and Resettlement process for all Service Leavers (SL)

Transition – the RAF Policy for Transition defines transition as “a through career offer of support and assistance that will prepare each serving person (SP) for their inevitable return to civilian life.” It states “the key elements of transition cover 6 generic areas: Health, Housing, Finance, Employment, Education and Welfare. Remember that for many SP these elements will also extend to the needs of their immediate family.” (ref. AP3392 Vol 2 leaflet 720 – only available on the Defence intranet.)

Resettlement – The support process, usually in the last 2 years of service, offered through Resettlement and Education Coordinators, Regional Resettlement Officers and CTP to Service Leavers.

There is a fair amount of confusion about these two terms and they can often be used interchangeably. ‘Transition’ can often refer to the entire process of moving from military to civilian life, including elements of resettlement.

RECs and RROs – Resettlement and Education Coordinators are on each unit (often found in Education Centres) and will be the first point of contact for a SL. They refer SLs onto Regional Resettlement Officers (RROs). There are 10 RROs and they cover the whole of the UK and abroad, with roughly 3 or 4 units each. These civil servants can offer useful advice and support to Service Leavers but are not generally accessed by families.

There was a very informative article about Transition and Resettlement in our Summer 2018 Envoy magazine by Michelle Copson, one of the RROs.

Resettlement Advisory Brief (RAB)all SLs should attend one of these and they will invariably receive a pack of information. Much of this will apply to the employment processes and procedures the SL has to go through but some may be relevant to families.

During their Resettlement, the SL will receive or be referred to, a lot of information which is also useful to families.

Service Leavers Guidea very useful document – for partners/spouses as well as SLs – published by the MOD

It includes a timeline for leavers and outlines the resettlement process, as well as lot of useful links.

CTP – the Career Transition Partnership – the organisation working with the MOD, to provide resettlement services to SLs. SL’s access to the services will depend on their time served among other factors. They will help the SL with job hunting as well as providing lots of useful advice on issues such as housing and finance. Spouses/partners can access some of the guidance on their website and also attend the finance and housing briefs offered at the regional centres.