Schools and education

Most of our families had settled in an area ahead of transition and also settled children into schools.  There is no doubt that this will make transition much easier in the long run.

However, regardless of at what point you do this, you will need to consider schools/colleges etc for your children. The lesson from our research seems to be – do it as early as you can.

The education section of our site has a lot of very useful information on pre-school childcare through to higher and further education.

Many of our participants were unaware that, for schools in England, eligibility for Service Pupil Premium (SPP) continues after you leave the Armed Forces.

SPP is an amount of up to £300 which is paid directly to state schools by the Department for Education (DfE). It was introduced to enable schools to provide extra, mainly pastoral, support for children with parents in the Armed Forces.

The Families Federation have produced an excellent leaflet on the SPP more generally but for after you leave specifically, to continue to claim for SPP:

  • A child must have a formal dependency on the Service parent to be eligible for SPP.
  • It cannot be claimed retrospectively.
  • If your child was not registered for SPP whilst the parent was serving, and the parent has now left the Services, then you will not be able to register your child now for the school to claim SPP.