Monday 24th August 2020

Tusko Films, the agency that produced the Annington Challenge short film, have created a guide to free resources for charities and non-profits to help them create video and educational resources during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all sectors and charities face a perfect storm as demand increases but money is running out. Charities are instructed by the charity commission to spend the money they raise, they often don’t have any rainy day money to help weather the storm, and many are closing or considering closing down.

Tusko recognises these issues and has designed a number of service packages that aim to get charities online and engaging with their donors and service users. These services include web design and low-cost landing pages, COVID-19 content packages (which don’t require a physical video shoot to take place), and ethical marketing campaigns. These have been created to keep the charities visible and active at a low cost during the pandemic.

In addition to the service packages, they have complied a list of Top 5 Freebies the sector can use.

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