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Tuesday 6th September 2022

Have your say and help influence change through being part of a brand new RAF Community Forum. The RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) is looking for RAF personnel (Regular and Reservists) and family members – from a diverse range of backgrounds – and including overseas locations.  You would provide direct feedback and evidence on life in the RAF/Armed Forces community. You might be a partner with a range of views on the opportunities and challenges of service life – or a serving person looking to add evidence and views to change things for the better. On a broader note, it offers a great opportunity to add a volunteering line on a CV – or an additional piece of voluntary work for an SJAR.

The purpose of the RAF Community Forum

The Forum will be to gather honest feedback for the RAFFF to present, in anonymised form, to the RAF, government ministers and other organisations. We influence on your behalf to enact positive change, and getting this kind of information is really valuable, and adds to the data from surveys in a very vivid way.

Themed subjects could include:

  • Accommodation
  • Access to healthcare and additional needs
  • Education and childcare
  • Partner Employment
  • Transition
  • Serving-specific themes (ie dual-serving couples)

What happens when you register your interest with us

You will be asked to provide your contact details and details on your background, such as key areas of interest, whether you are a dual-serving couple, if you live in SFA, children etc. This is so the RAFFF can send topic-specific information that is relevant and interesting to you/your family. We are keen to avoid bombarding you with generic information. Meetings will be kept short and succinct, also offering alternative ways to engage each time specific themes are being addressed.

In return, you will be kept up to date with when key news comes out relating to your preferred themed areas of interest.

Your commitment on the RAF Community Forum

We hope you will agree to share important messages out to your own local community, wherever you are based, and would also welcome you recommending other interested members of the RAF community to join the Forum. Word of mouth is the most important form of recommendation!

Register your interest

Please contact [email protected] in the first instance and she will email you our Terms and Conditions and a ‘Getting to Know You’ form to complete and return to us.

See also: About the RAF Families Federation

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