Thursday 10th September 2020

The National Suicide Prevention Association (NSPA) are encouraging ‘working together’ to help prevent suicide.

NSPCA have identified, for people who are feeling vulnerable or distressed, having a strong sense of connection is an important part of suicide prevention. Connection can come in many forms, we can connect with friends and family, or have connections through activities, or with nature and the arts.

Being distracted from suicidal thoughts and engaging in activities to take time away from the difficulties can also help to lift the mood for those with suicidal thoughts at whatever level or intensity. For those of us not feeling distressed, being able to make connections with someone we think may be struggling, to give someone the opportunity to share with us how they are feeling, can really help.

On World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, NSPCA are sharing different ideas for people to improve their connections.

Use #WSPD2020 on social media channels to get tips and advice.

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