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Friday 1st April 2022

The new SFA FDIS Accommodation contracts go live today (1 April 2022) and here’s who you as Service families need to interact with from now on:

National Accommodation Management Services – Pinnacle

Under the National Accommodation Management Services (NAMS) contract, run by Pinnacle, families have a single point of contact – the National Service Centre (NSC). This is the first point of call for all families living in SFA to log any queries, request repairs and access Service Family Accommodation information. From 1 today, (1 April 2022), you need to visit the Pinnacle website for the details of the NSC and the new services.

FDIS new national service centre - screenshot of Pinnacle website

So, who’s who in the Pinnacle team?

Housing Officers

Pinnacle’s Housing Officers will operate across the UK, working directly with Service families. The team will help families to move in, move out and support families with any queries or issues throughout their time living in SFA.

The key times that Housing Officers will visit homes is at move-in; the 14-day welcome visit; pre-move-out; and move out. Outside of these times, Housing Officers will be available at some local events and coffee mornings for example, as well as coming to visit if families need extra support.

To find out more about Pinnacle’s Housing Officers please visit the Pinnacle website.

Area Managers

The teams of Housing Officers are supported by four Area Managers, one in each region: North; Central; South-East; and South-West. The Area Managers will be a point of support and escalation, with a significant focus on driving continuous improvement across their region, working closely with other Area Managers to ensure consistency for families.

Additional Needs and Disability Adaptations (ANDA) Manager

Pinnacle will put in place a dedicated ANDA Manager to prioritise Additional Needs and Disability Adaptations. As each case is unique, the ANDA Manager will focus entirely on ANDA services to help Pinnacle understand the requirements and support families. They will work closely with our delivery partners, VIVO and Amey, the Housing teams across the regions and the Home Services team at the National Service Centre to deliver this service effectively.

The Pinnacle ANDA Manger will also work closely with Occupational Therapists or medical practitioners were needed to understand a family’s requirements should further information be required in a bid to assist.

Customer Solution Advisors

As well as a core team of Customer Solution Advisors based at the National Service Centre in Speke, Liverpool, Pinnacle will have a team based within each region. This allows for the Customer Solutions Managers to work closely with delivery partners, VIVO and Amey, to resolve any complaints or complex issues families may have swiftly and effectively. The Customer Solution Manager will review any complaints, work with the relevant teams, companies, or families themselves to get a better understanding of the issue and investigate it. They will then help to resolve it, feeding back to the central teams’ issues and lessons learnt, so they can continue to improve.

Home Services Team

Based at the National Service Centre in Speke, Liverpool, the Home Services team, previously known as Occupancy Services, will work with families to navigate the move in and move out process, as well as any permission requests they would like to make during their time in that home.

In general, families will interact with this team through the systems already in place to manage these processes, such as the e-1132 system. However, the Home Services Team may contact the families directly to work through any challenges and deliver the services effectively. Similarly, if families have any queries relevant for this team, they can make contact themselves. Visit the Pinnacle website for details of how to get in touch.

Repairs Team

The Repairs team is based at the National Service Centre in Speke, Liverpool. They are available 24/7 to work with families who wish to log a repair for their Service Family Accommodation. They will record the details and ensure the repair is correctly logged and passed to our delivery partners, VIVO or Amey. Families will also be able to self-serve and complete a repair request online through HomeHub. Find out more about how to get in touch and where to use HomeHub on the Pinnacle website.

Latest updates will be shared on DIO’s Twitter and Facebook pages, to keep you informed of the latest information and news about these new contracts.

The below graphic will also share who does what within the new FDIS contracts:

FDIS Housing Graphic to show the new housing process and who does what.

See also: FDIS information on GOV.UK

Contact the RAF Families Federation

Remember, that if you come across any issues that you cannot resolve through the new process, you can confidentially contact the RAFFF Team who have a team of accommodation specialists who can help. Simply contact them online in the first instance and a member of the team will get back to you.

Our Housing and Accommodation section online may also be able to provide useful information for you.

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