Friday 21st September 2018

Defence Minister, Tobias Ellwood hosted yesterday’s Families Federation Forum in London (Thursday 20th September), to discuss ongoing support for the families of those serving in all three services.

We capture evidence on specific issues through our regular surveys, from our ‘face-to-face’ visits to stations and units, and from individuals who approach us by calling or emailing in to the office. Every issue is recorded (and treated anonymously) and provides us with potential streams to focus on and in turn, influence future policy change.

Minister for Defence People and Veterans, Tobias Ellwood said:

“It’s the people that make our Armed Forces so professional. We must look after them and their families. Helping us to scrutinise and improve are the three service families federations. Thank you for attending another of our regular forums.”

Acting Director for the RAF FF, Graeme Spark adds:

“Yesterday’s forum was a great opportunity to share with the Minister some of the concerns and challenges currently facing our families and personnel.

“Often we are asked for proof of where your evidence and in turn, our reports go and how everything is actually used to influence policy change and this is one of those examples.”

Your Families Federation – Your voice

The RAF FF provides a confidential signposting service for specific information, support and help and ensure you are talking to the right people and asking the right questions. If you or your family experience any issues or have concerns about anything during your career in the RAF, you can contact us by calling the office on 01780 781650 or email us. We are here for you, wherever you are in the world.

We work hard with a multitude of other organisations and agencies – from the NHS to the big banks – to ensure that you and your family are treated fairly and that you do not face disadvantage because of the unique nature of service life.

Remember we can only represent you if you engage with us.


Image: © Crown Copyright (L to R: Greame Spark MBE – RAF FF, Anna Wright – Naval FF, Tobias Ellwood – Minister DPV, Sarah Baade – Army FF)

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