BFBS Big Salute

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Over the past 12 months the BFBS Academy which is part of military charity and media organisation BFBS, has launched two online courses offering in-depth training to help people use social media to grow their business, or to find a career in social media.

Social Media Spouses (#SMSpouses)

It’s first course ‘Social Media Spouses’, which launched in April last year, is designed to address a real need amongst military spouses and partners to obtain the skills they need to find flexible and interesting work that fits around military and family life.

The course is funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and is the first free online course to offer military spouses and partners vocational, in-depth, fast-track online training in social media, together with their own dedicated digital training community.

Places are limited and open to military spouses or partners only.

Social Media Spouses course

‘Digital CULTure’

Building on the success of Social Media Spouses, BFBS Academy has developed the same 11-week online course and digital community to enable a wider audience, including Service leavers and others in the armed forces, to gain the skills they need to secure a job in the digital industry or to expand their own business through social media.

The Digital CULTure course costs £399, which includes access to the online community, a course completion certificate and subscription to the monthly newsletter, filled with the latest developments in social media marketing. There is a 25% military discount, and the money raised with this programme will be put back into the Social Media Spouses courses to fund the ongoing support offered for military spouses.

About the courses

Both courses are taught by the BFBS social media team, who are part of the military community and are responsible for the BFBS social media channels.

They use a combination of online learning tools, live lessons and mentoring and each student will have weekly virtual lessons with a dedicated social media coach, who’ll guide and support them throughout the course.

They offer access to an exclusive online community where individuals can find advice on careers in social media, content or campaigns. The course leaders will also offer ongoing support and feedback on anything related to social media.

Both courses focuses on the following areas of social media:

  • Understand Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn’s algorithms, along with effective strategies to make content stand out in the noisy world of social media.
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of social media campaigns.
  • Growing an engaged audience, moderating comments and discussions, and dealing with difficult situations online.
  • Taking truly show-stopping images for use in a social media campaign.
  • Producing professional social media videos that can compete with the thousands of others out there… just by using a smartphone.
  • Creating effective paid-for advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Understanding the major platforms’ built-in analytics tools to score and evaluate social media campaigns.

Further information

To apply for either course, please visit the BFBS Academy online.

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